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renting a bike locker has never been easier

Bike Rental Locking Options

Keys: Keys require management to both check out and check in bike locker keys. If keys get lost, locker owners are charged with replacing either the key or entire lock, which can be a hassle.

Pad Lock Handle: Padlock handles are a first come first serve option. This is difficult to manage and charge fee for service or manage the contents withing the locker.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth technology allows you to rent, manage, generate revenue, and contact your customers with ease making this one of the best options available! 

Locker Owners Can Now:

  1. Rent bike, motorcycle, or wheelchair lockers on demand.

  2. Charge per minute, hour, day, week, month, year, etc.

  3. Send rental alerts reminding commuters of their bike locker rental.

  4. Communicate with past and present riders.

  5. Offer membership benefits or discounts.

  6. Reduce lost key costs.

  7. Reduce management costs and time.

Riders Can Now:

  1. Rent bike, motorcycle, or wheelchair lockers on demand from their phone!

  2. Book the locker rental prior to arrival.

  3. Lock and unlock an unlimited number of times once the rental has been initiated.

  4. Receive rental alerts reminding of their bike locker rental.

  5. Send locker issues real time to the bike locker admin team.

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