DX Bluetooth Lockers

The Problem


While conventional bike lockers provide the highest level of security for long-term bicycle storage, riders and users consistenently ecounter a number of issues preventing them from fully enjoying the amenties you have to offer. 

Lost Locker Keys

Key Management

Uncertain Locker Availability

The Solution

The DX Bluetooth Bike Locker allows bike locker owners the ability to rent, manage, generate revenue, and even contact your customers with ease; making the DX Bluetooth Bike Locker one of the best options available!

• Never worry about a lost key.
• Manage supply and demand.
• Communicate with your riders
• Rent your lockers short & long-term


The Winners


  • Easily Find, Rent & Open Lockers With Nearly Any Smartphone
  • Instant Access
  • Riders Know Eactly Where Avaiable Rentals & Space Are In Real Time
  • Gone Are the Days of Keeping Track of Rental Keys


  • Maximize Utilization of Your Facilites
  • Locker Management Made Easirer Than Ever Via App or Admin Web Portal
  • Easily Uprade Current Dura Bike Lockers From Analog to Bluetooth
  • New Revenue Stream Helps Offest Furnishing Costs
  • Reduce Aministravie Burden of Key Management and Rental Staff
  • Customized Branding For Logos, Color & Imaging to Curate the Rider Experience