Spacious Bike Parking

Lacerta bike racks provide wide areas to park your bike. Perfect when you want to give cyclists room to park safely without worry of damage.


USA Steel & Service

Our talented team handles every step of the manufacturing process.


In House Powder Coating

Professionally finished by trained powder coat technicians.


Custom Options

Stainless steel provides the highest level of longevity and maintainability. Add a custom logo to set your rack apart!

LACERTA – The Lacerta Bike Rack

Our Lacerta bike rack adds a sense of dimension to any property. Enjoy a larger loop that has the functionality of any Class III bike rack.


Powder Coat Colors

Our most popular finish is Powder Coated (P), we use a high quality TGIC Polyester Powder Coating with eight standard colors available at no extra charge. Want a color you don’t see here? For an added fee we can access every color you could imagine. Looking for added protection? We offer an Anti-Graffiti top coat (extra fee) which resists sharpie and most aerosol paints allowing maintenance to be performed with dish soap and water.

Stainless Steel

Looking for the highest longevity? Stainless Steel (S) Racks will literally last beyond a liftime requiring the least amount of labor to maintain.

Hot-dip Galvanized

Hot-dip Galvanized (G) racks will have the highest durability.



We offer many ways to customize your vision such as;

· Mounting (IG or SF) (In-Ground racks for fresh concrete & Surface mounts for existing).

· Lean Bars (LB) (Add style and functionality to your bike parking). Custom laser cut logo designs available.


· Security Cables (SC) (Extra security, also changes this rack from Class III to Class II). This option requires a lean bar.


        · Grout Covers (GC) (Beauty plates cover hardware and add to the overall aesthetic).

Powerful Quoting System and Knowledgeable Staff

We are here to help solve all your bike parking and site furnishing needs, contact us today for a free quote or help with your site plans!

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