Elegant Finish Options

We offer serveral finishes to suit your needs including the highest quility stainless steel.


Powder Coated LYRA Bollards

Powder coated bike bollards protect your property and add stylish yet functional bicycle parking to fit any location.


Galvanized Dura Bike Racks

Hot dipped galvanizing available for long lasting durability, great for high traffic parking.


Incorporate your Design

Want to make your rack special, add your design or company logo. We don't just place it in a generic location, we make it to fit your vision!


Tourist Bike Racks

Looking to add some flare to your bike parking? Our tourist bike racks let cyclists know where to park while adding to the esthetic of your building.

Knowledge is Power – Understanding Bike Parking Classifications

Class I

Bicycle parking may be classified either as long‐term (also known as Class I) or short‐term (Class II or III). Class I bicycle parking is meant to be used for more than two hours and is typically utilized by employees at work, students at school, commuters at transit stations, park and ride lots, movie theaters, or residents at home. Class 1 bike lockers for parking facilities are secure, fully enclosed, and weather protected; examples include the Dura Bike Locker (DL1 – Single Door Unit, DL2 – Two Door Unit, or DLP – Pie Shaped Unit) and the ultimate in Class I parking the DLMC (motorcycle garage / mini-storage unit).

Class II

Class II bicycle parking is intended for visitors, customers at stores, and other users who normally park for less than two hours. The most common examples of Class II parking are bicycle racks. Class II bicycle parking provides higher security than Class III by locking the frame and both the front and back wheels with the use of a U-lock or Padlock. Class II bicycle parking is most often placed in areas where Class I lockers do not fit or are not feasible. Although Class II bicycle parking is more expensive than Class III, Class II bicycle parking is ideal for locations with high bicycle theft and this style is preferred by those with more expensive bicycles. Class II bicycle racks should be placed in highly visible locations.

Class III

Class III bike parking is the most popular and economical. Class III bike parking can come in many shapes and styles and tends to be quite versatile, these racks are designed to provide short-term parking in front of schools, businesses, and at parks. The most popular Class III racks are the DBR style (3 Bike5 Bike7 Bike, or 9 Bike); this style rack has been used in the industry for decades and can be painted to match the surrounding architecture. Class III racks take up less space and are cheaper than a Class I locker or Class II bicycle parking but are less secure. Class III racks are often placed on public sidewalks and can be effectively integrated with bus stops and transit shelters. For maximum security it is recommended that these racks be mounted in concrete.

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