Lockers that withstand the harshest
of elements

Stainless steel gives you a long lasting product that is low maintenance.


Two Doors & A Divider

More bike parking in one locker.


Great for campuses

Designed to fit your needs with a look like no other.


The sky's the limit!

Stacking our lockers lets you utilize your real estate more efficiently. Lower handles on our stacked units allow for easy access.

DL2 – Dura Locker 2 Bike Unit

The DL2 is our most popular bike locker as it features a door at each end with a galvanized steel diagonal divider separating the two compartments. It has the same footprint as our single bike locker but double the parking real estate. The DL2 is great for University Campuses, Business parks, Transit stations and apartment complexes. All our lockers are Class 1 long term bicycle parking.

Powder Coat Colors

Our most popular finish is Powder Coated, we use a high quality TGIC Polyester Powder Coating with eight standard colors available at no extra charge. Want a color you don’t see here? For an added fee we can access every color you could imagine. Looking for added protection? We offer an Anti-Graffiti top coat (extra fee) which resists sharpie and most aerosol paints allowing maintenance to be performed with dish soap and water


Stainless Steel

Looking for the highest longevity? Stainless Steel Lockers will literally last beyond a liftime requiring the least amount of labor to maintain.

Lock Options

Choose between a keyed Pop-out ‘T’ handle with two user keys (Abloy and master keying available for an additional fee) or our stainless steel Padlock handle (padlock not included). Using a U-lock? We recommend pairing our Padlock handle with our U-Lock Box accessory (see ‘Accessories’ section) for maximum user accessibility.

Security Features

All our bicycle lockers feature a stainless steel three point locking mechanism (1 inch wide x 1/4 inch thick) that runs beyond the full length of the door frame into the threshold, jam, and header. Hover over the image to see the locking system (works best in Google Chrome).


We offer many ways to customize your vision such as;

· Stacking (Our lockers can be stacked in a variety of configurations).

· Door Perforations (Upper Bike Icon, Upper Bike Icon with Lower Perforation, and Round Perforations).

· Wall Perforations (Bike Icon, Obround Strip, or even custom laser cut Logos).

· Custom Vinyl Logos (a great way to personalize your lockers).


Add-ons that cyclists will appreciate;

· U-Lock Box (additional security for cyclists with U-Locks) – Lock not included.

· High Performance Black or White Vinyl Numbers (perfect for keyed systems and locker identification for maintenance).

· Gear Hooks (for hanging personal property like helmets and backpacks).

Spacing Requirements

To allow proper movement of the bicycles in and out of the lockers we suggest spacing of around 6’ from the face of the locker. We realize that space is not always available so we recommend a minimum of at least 4’. Aisle spacing where banks of lockers will face each other (door to door) is 6’.

Powerful Quoting System and Knowledgeable Staff

We are here to help solve all your bike parking and site furnishing needs, contact us today for a free quote or help with your site plans!

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