USA Made

Our bike storage company manufacturers bike lockers in the USA using only the best American steel.

No "I" in "Team"

All bicycle racks are designed, assembled, powder coated, and hand packaged in-house by our talented team.

Supporting Community

We design all our products with the end user in mind and are constantly in touch with our local communities to make sure we keep our customers happy.

Not just a Bike Locker

You just never know what creative people will do with a Dura Bike Locker from Hannan Specialties, Inc.


As a leader in bicycle storage and security,  our company has been designing, manufacturing, distributing and installing Dura Bike Lockers for over 20 years. Our innovative products can be seen enhancing campuses all over the United States and Canada. With durability in mind and a passion for security we’ve created a locker that shines through craftsmanship and quality.

Our Products

All our lockers are easily installed with the use of hand tools. Dura Bike Lockers are eco-friendly, movable, addition-friendly and as strong as they are durable. For locations where space is an issue the parking capacity of a single bicycle unit can be doubled with the simple addition of a rear door and a diagonal divider panel. Feel peace of mind knowing all our models come fitted with a three-point locking system standard (we also offer optional master keying systems including the Abloy system, for an additional fee). Here at Hannan Specialties, Inc. we listen to the needs of Architects and landscape artists as well as small businesses, schools, and transportation authorities to make the best products. For this reason we have been able to create a catalogue of furnishings and bike parking to fit any aesthetic.


Our goal is to exceed all of your expectations for both products and service. Hannan Specialties, Inc. has been a pioneer in the secure bicycle parking field and as the industry has grown, so has the integrity of our solid steel lockers. Through innovation and a focus on progressive design we continually raise the bar to exceed the needs of our clients. Experience the satisfaction of knowing your bicycle will remain safe from vandals, thieves and weather damage while stored within your own Dura Bike Locker. The question is not, “Why choose a Dura Bike Locker?” The real question is, “Why would you ever choose anything else?”

Powerful Quoting System and Knowledgeable Staff

We are here to help solve all your bike parking and site furnishing needs, contact us today for a free quote or help with your site plans!

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