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Nineteen years ago here at Hannan Specialties, Inc. we designed our first standard bicycle locker. This has become the cornerstone of our existence as well as a major building block for the bicycle locker industry of today. We are proud to offer you the sturdiest and most reliable bicycle locker on the market. The Dura Bike Locker® is a solid steel strong box with a three-point latching door capable of resisting a forceful attack. With an added rear door and diagonal divider panel you can effectively double your bicycle parking capacity. Units can also be modified for stacking to further increase capacity. Dura Bike Lockers are strong, environment-friendly, easy to install and require minimal maintenance. All components are interchangeable when repairs or modifications are called for. Custom colors are available upon request for an additional fee.

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DL2 Locker Specifications:

Dimensions: 39” W x 48” H x 75” L

  • Available in One bike (DL1) and Two bike (DL2) Configurations.
  • 3 point lock bar mechanism (1 inch wide x 1/4 inch thick) runs beyond the full length of the door frame and into the floor, top and jam.
  • One year standard Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Small Footprint: Requires a minimum of 4’ clearance from the face of the locker.

Lock Options:

  • Heavy Duty 4266 Pop-Out “T” handle with two user keys (keyed differently).
  • Master or Abloy keying system optional.
  • Stainless Steel Padlock style handle (Padlock not included).

Finish Options:

  • Galvanized (to be field painted)
  • Stainless Steel.
  • TGIC Polyester Powder Coating.
  • Anti-Graffiti clear coat.
  • Custom Colors are available for an additional cost.


  • High Performance Black Vinyl Numbers.
  • U-Lock Box (additional security for cyclists with U-Locks). Lock Not Included.

Spacing Requirements

  • To allow proper movement of the bicycles in and out of the lockers we suggest spacing of around 6’ from the face of the locker. We realize that space is not always available so we recommend a minimum of at least 4’. Aisle spacing where banks of lockers will face each other (door to door) is 6’.

Call (800) 722-BIKE (2453) to inquire more about the Dura Bike Locker® or to receive a free quote!



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