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Here at Hannan Specialties, Inc. we are always looking toward the future and next on the horizon is something we are all very excited about. After much consideration and hard work we have rolled out our biggest steel parking structure, the Dura Motorcycle Locker. Standing 86” tall, 66” wide, and 102” long, this mammoth locker will easily accommodate your motorcycle and all of the accessories while still able to fit in most parking spaces. With a 6’ overhead residential style garage door this unit allows you to have the ability to enter your locker with the same comfort of your own garage. Perfect for hotels, apartments, military bases, parking structures, homes, and anywhere you could think to park your motorcycle. This unit is incredibly versatile and can be used for just about any larger equipment you may want to store.

Don’t have a motorcycle? These units can replace your mini-storage costs while keeping you close to your treasures, ask us about financing and stop paying to rent.

Apartment landlords can start generating extra revenue by adding these to their property and renting to their tenants.  These can also be used to store maintenance equipment and virtually anything you can imagine so get creative and start saving money. Call today and get your very own steel storage shed.


Step up to this oversized version of our already proven Dura Bike Lockers for your larger security needs.

Call Hannan Specialties, Inc. at (800) 722-BIKE (2453) today to receive a free quote!


DLMC Locker Specifications:

Dimensions: 66” W x 86” H x 102” L : Click here to view the DLMC dimension sheet.


Also available in 66" W x 86" H x 150" L for larger motorcycles or trailers (Pictured Below)



  • Overhead Roll Up Residential Style Door.
  • One year standard Manufacturer Warranty.

Lock Options:

  • Heavy Duty “T” handle with two user keys.
  • Automatic Power Door with Garage Remote

Finish Options:

  • Galvanized (to be field painted)
  • Stainless Steel.
  • TGIC Polyester Powder Coating.
  • Anti-Graffiti clear coat.
  • Custom Colors are available for an additional cost.


  • High Performance Black Vinyl Numbers.
  • Garage Door Window Options.
  • Exterior and Interior Lighting.
  • Inerior Shelving.

Spacing Requirements

  • To allow proper movement of the motorcycle in and out of the locker we suggest spacing of around 8’ from the face of the locker. Aisle spacing where banks of lockers will face each other (door to door) is 7’.



Call (800) 722-BIKE (2453) to inquire more about the Dura Bike Locker® or to receive a free quote!



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